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B.U.B. Submission – 2016“10 to Win Contest”

10 to win means none of our single contest will cost more than $10. These allow more fans to encourage bands to participated in our quest to find the hottest Indie artist or Bands from all Genres. Become a Free Member and get %50 Off All Submissions!

Example: Any artist or Band we select to perform at our exclusive Brand Ur Band event will receive a Brand Ur Band Goodie Bag with:
• 1,000 CD’s in full-color four-panel digipaks
• 200 Download Cards
• 300 11”x7” Posters
• 100 custom printed black T-Shirts with Artist or Band’s design work on the front
• Custom Commemorative Plaque Presented by Brand Ur Band
• BUB Twitter Blast!
• A Huge 3 foot x 5 foot full-color vinyl event banner
• $1,500 Cash Prize
• 25 minute Set to open up minutes before the featured Indie or Platinum Artist for Brand Ur Band Live Event in 2016!
When is the B.U.B. deadline?
Brand Ur Band Contest will begin in Feb. 1, 2016 prior to the Brand Ur Band Live Event in May 2016. Any band can register up to 3 weeks before the deadline to try and join the race. Fans that signup will be able to vote on our digitally automated voting system to track fans that support bands they would like to see at a Brand Ur Band showcase selected artist or bands will be notified at the end of the Contest March 27th, 2016. Once selected all band logos need to be in by that time so marketing and advertising for the artist or Band can begin immediately.
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