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Are you aDJ,Producer,Artist, Band or Corporate Brand& need a market solution for your next gig, concert event, service or product? Well Brand Ur Band is your one stop shop Online Viral Marketing Solution! Our ultimate goal is to become anindie source for select clients in need of our unique service for very Targeted Geographical Viral Marketing Solutions & Services. We take pride in being The Ultimate Indie Monster Machine not just for indie Fans or Bands but also amazing Super Sick Cooperate Brands! These relationships are so important and vital to especially all you aspiring & even professional Artist or Bands because there is a whole untapped marketed in the Social Media world and we basically want to share it with everyone.
Viral Marketing is need, more than a want for those who really want to play and “think out the box “to completely dominate your market. Just know you covered all your bases to build “The Best Online Viral Marketing Campaign Ever”to propel your new amazing project. In 2014, you are starting to see Record Companies almost become Dinosaurs of the music industry now and the monster labels we all know prepared for this change but not quietly. Now that people have access to the World Wide Web you literally don’t need a label but in essence even if you did, you would still need to build an impeccable Viral Marketing Strategy. In 2014, the Game has change & we all now play it online everyday 24/7.Most people do their work & socializing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & Yahoo there are a few others but these are the most well-known that we feel our clients use the most. Advertising Agencies are getting hammered by Social Media Groups because they become so Viral so Fast it’s like a Social Epidemic. The Innovation and Motivation we bring to the Game in 2014, let us help you become Your Own Trend&Your Own Brand but most importantly Your Own Demand. We are the next wave of innovation for Music &Multi-Media Viral Marketing. Our Moto is… “From Fans 2 Bands, We Make It Happen!”
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