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About BUB

Brand Ur Band is the ULTIMATE INDIE MACHINE for indie artists, bands, and major corporate Brands. Brand Ur Band is a platform for corporations who want to maximize their exposure with online events we host, live concerts we produce, and festivals from all over the world by branding different services & products. At Brand Ur Band, we take alot of pride in being an independent music monster-machine known for opening the flood gates for indie acts and national acts, breaking into the mainstream commercial markets of indie viral marketing & branding.
Brand Ur Band was originally known as a Concert Group site for artists, bands, and major corporate Brands before become a Viral Marketing Service. Brand Ur Band is owned & Founded by Damar Howard & Co-Founder Frankie Davis Jr. , and is now a platform for corporations who want to maximize their exposure by using our new service we call Inidie Viral Marketing meaning, hitting highly Target Audiences online In Real-Time!
Brand Ur Band's Team effort works like this, we find companies that have a strong presence with their services or products we want to promote. Then we find cool ways to promote their products or services with cool artist and bands who want to part take in cool corperate indie projects we select talent for. In addition we still have a commitment to our community of local and national artist or bands that are seeking cool innovative ways to promote their music with these companies. So is basically catering to both sides to collaborate in creating a Series Of Dope Shows!!! We Drive Realtime Traffic 2 Realtime Events online and for offline events to let Fans know whats going on...Brand Ur Band is the New Viral Music Marketing Solution for Indie Artist & Bands wanting more independence and control of their own Audience & Future Fans!
Unlike some of the other leading social networking platforms we take on more of a hands on approach. By supporting our local network of talent this allows us to keep that grass roots feeling that you just don’t get in 2012 when dealing with major companies. This can sometimes discourage an artist or band to take that next step in their career and this is where we level the playing field in 2012 forcing Industry Reps to step their game up and take care of more artist and bands vs taxing them high submission rates to be turned down? Hell No! Game Changer & its Brand Ur Band we welcome all dope DJ's,artist and bands We encourage being a open source advocate as a Hub to help all companies who support our movement to support our Brand Ur Band Indie Music Scene because "From Fans 2 Bands, We Make It Happen!!!"
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