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BUB Indie DJ Review

Super DJ: DJ Latin Prince


CEO & Founder Of Bum Squad DJ's

The amazing Super DJ Latin Price has dedicated over 20 yrs of putting in work to pioneer innovation for the next generation of amazing DJ's of our time. Latin Prince has a wide range of music which gives him not only the competitive edge over up and coming DJ's but as well as veteran DJ's who have a humble respect for Latin Princes Music and High Energy Sets. When LP is not smashing on the 1's & 2's at a venue overseas for a dope crowd he's building an empire with his movement & Brand called Bum Squad DJ's. LP's movement has a pool of over 300 global DJ's & yes they are the Spartan 300 of Indie Music!

BUB Metal Music Review

Band: In The Trench

For all you hardcore Indie Metal Heads we have another Super Dope Band called "In The Trench". These guys have a really amazing Metal sound thats balls to the wall from start to finish. I think for the metal scen these guys are definantly breaking in the flood gates of new Metal with their music. For all you Indie bands out there I have to say I have checked out thousands of bands and what people like us look for in a dope indie band is a Dope Indie Show! In The Trench is one of my Top 3 Best Bands on the Metal Scene and I guess if i had to Co-Sign on it then In The Trench would be my BUB 2012 Best Metal Band for 2012 and if you dont believe me go see their next show!


BUB Rap Rock Music Review


Band: The Dirty Worm

If you have never imagined Rap,Rock, & DUB done right well I have to say The Dirty Wormz are the Truth when it comes to Indie Rap & Rock all day long. Smackola the lead vocalist for the band is a high energy performer thst truly puts on s killer show and has amazing stage presence. One of the things alot of Indies don't get that the Dirty Wormz have mastered is the element of surprise. I have seen at least a dozen shows and not one show is the same and it gets better every time. Smackola has some exciting DUB Step Music I think is bangin and I predict will turn alot of heads on the indie circuit.

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